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The trade office of KEFAG Zrt deals with the marketing of wood, industrial wood products and hunting services. While it mainly offers direct services, it also carries out numerous coordination tasks. The basic task is the full-scale management of acquisitions and marketing in this field.

KEFAG Zrt’s main products are sold by the trade office, while other products are sold by our forestry management units on the basis of the set minimum prices.

Significance of our commercial activities:
KEFAG Zrt’s own wood production is ~200 thousand m³ and ~100-200 thousand m³ of bought wood is also traded on domestic and external markets.

Trends in the wood and wood packaging materials market:
The quantity of available wood on the market fluctuates significantly; Market prices have stagnated over the last few years and average prices are primarily determined by the exchange rate of the Hungarian Forint (HUF) and international currencies. Prices are sometimes unrealistically low or high, which decreases economic certainty; In order to maintain adequate levels of efficiency, strict cost management is necessary, which is possible with long term increased production and transport.

What does KEFAG Zrt offer?
Well-organised commercial activity with a stable and planned financial background

• Payment safety

• German, English and Italian contacts

• Significant experience in external trade

• Transport experience and assistance

• Guaranteed share in market

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