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Sales of manufactured wood products

The production and sales of wooden packaging materials, including various pallets and their by-products, represent an important section of our company. KEFAG Zrt is the oldest and biggest EUR (UIC 435-2) pallet producer in Hungary. Heat-treatment, drying and storage of our products under appropriate conditions are possible in our plants, which helps to satisfy our customers’ needs in a quick and timely manner. With knowledge of specifications, non-series single-use pallets are designed and produced in commercial quantities to meet customers’ requirements.

Industrial wood products produced by KEFAG Zrt:

EUR international standard multi-use pallets
Single-use industrial pallets of non-series size
Components for pallets, boards

The referred standards of our commercialized assortments are only guidelines and all of our trade contracts contain detailed information on size and quality.

EUR international multi-use pallet

This pallet is produced according to the UIC 435-2 international standard. Trademark protection requires that the product quality be constantly maintained. KEFAG Zrt has trademark permission for the production of the above product. Accredited equipment is used both for the drying and heat-treatment of pallets. Registration of heat-treatment is according to ISPM 15.
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Single-use industrial pallet of non-series size

Non-series pallets are produced according to customers’ requests. All requests are assessed and given a fair price quotations.
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Components for pallets, boards

1st class:
2nd class:
• four undamaged edges
• parallel sawing with sequence cutter
• healthy wood
• size true cross section on both ends
• may have bark on one edge (maximum)

Tree species:
Board: Poplar, Alder, Conifer
Cross-element: Alder, Conifer





Board 1200 143 22 (width 145 mm)
1200 98 22 (width 100 mm)
Stump plank
(width 145 mm)
1200 98
(width 100 mm)
(width 145 mm)
Oversize allowance: length: 0 + 1 mm

The most frequent size (width 0+5 mm) is shown in bold in the last column of the above table.
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Mixed hog chip (composition fraction is determined by the customer)
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Mixed sawdust (composition fraction is determined by the customer)
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