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Kiskunsági Forest Machinery Ltd

Kiskunsági Erdőgép Ltd was established in 1998 and is 99.93% owned by KEFAG Zrt. According to annual contracts, most of its capacity is used by the parent company, but other forestry companies and customers also make use of its services.

The main profile of the company is the transportation of wood from the place of cultivation to sawmills, railway stations and other customers. Heavy machine transport, up to 24 tons, is available upon request.

Kiskunsági Erdőgép Ltd provides complete machinery service for forest regeneration activities. Stumps are removed by modern lifting machines, developed from revolving loaders. Afterwards they are gathered together in pre-determined areas or transported for further processing or destruction.

If requested, trenching is done after site clearing and then afforestation (plantation) is carried out by planting machines or prepared seedlings are placed into the furrow simultaneously while trenching.

The company has an up-to-date fleet machinery.

For forestry

1 KOMATSU PC 240 NLC-7 stump lifting machines
1 KOMATSU PC 240 NLC-10 stump lifting machines
1 KOMATSU PC 210 LC-8 stump lifting machines
1 HYUNDAI R250NLC-7A stump lifting machine
2 db CAT Challanger MT 765C gumihevederes traktor
6 B 10M.0100-6E caterpillar bulldozers
6 PPU 50 towed deep tilling ploughs
3 root-rakes
1 FAE stump cutter

For primary and secondary transportation

7 MAN TGA 33.483 FDAC trucks with Palfinger EPSILON cranes, with foresty trailers
3 MAN TGX 18.480 truck
3 Schwarzmuller Y203 semi-trailer with stanchions
1 MERCEDES 3346 All-wheel drive truck
1 GOLDHOFFER lowboy semi-trailer
2 HYUNDAI R170 Wheeled rotating loader
1 MANITOU MLT 735.120 Hydraulic loader

For other activities

1 db KOMATSU 901 TX harvester
1 db KOMATSU 845 forwarder
1 db VALTRA T191H tractor
1 db Eschlböck Bieber 7 wood chopping with EPSILON cranes
1 db CASE Mx 150 tractor
2 db Schwarzmuller Wood splitting trailer


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