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Since 1991, KEFAG Zrt’s Juniperus nursery has gained a national reputation of its production of ornamental plants. It plays a central role in the region as it serves a wide variety of customers with its continuously expanding range of products. It has three field units that function in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management standard which guarantees high quality, garden products.

The central field unit, in Kecskemét, offers over one million container-grown plants of more than 300 species and varieties, deciduous shrubs ranging in size from 20/40 to 80/100 cm and conifers from 20/40 to 125/150 cm.

Due to better weather and soil conditions, ball-rooted evergreen plants are grown in Szombathely. They are sold directly in retail shops.

When planning the availability of plant species in our nursery, primary attention is given to the demands of garden landscapers, nursery retail shops and municipalities dealing with park planting.Large volume propagation allows us to offer favourable wholesale prices for certain plants. Besides breeding plants for public places, there is an increasing public demand for flowering shrubs, trees and large plants. Interest in outdoor ornamental plants has changed from a demand for large numbers of open-rooted shrubs to the more exacting open-rooted grafts. In order to produce attractive and marketable plants, the production of container-grown plants has gradually increased.

KEFAG Zrt recognizes the importance of roadside plantation along highways, therefore actively participates in the construction of Hungary’s expanding highway network. The primary goals of roadside plantation along highways are to reduce noise and environmental damage, ensure transport safety, reduce headlamp interference between oncoming traffic lanes and to aesthetically divide the lanes. One of our reference works is plantation and maintenance of the M6-M8 highway junction at Dunaújváros. Shrubs and trees grown in our park forests are also supplied for roadside plantations along other highways.

Our forestry management unit manages the Csalános Park Forest, Kecskemét’s oldest recreational forest and also a popular excursion area for the local inhabitants.

The Juniperus Nursery webpage can be found here.


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