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About our Company

Established as KEFAG Rt. in 1993 and operating as KEFAG Kiskunsági Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. since 2006, the company is 100% owned by Ministry of Agriculture. The company and its predecessors have been tending the forests of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve for six decades, engaged mainly in seed and sapling production, tree farming, forest management, wood processing, trading and game management.

KEFAG Zrt. manages 59,967 hectares of the state-owned forests of Bács-Kiskun county, 4,549 or 8% of which are nature reserves. 4,354 hectares of the reserves are classified Natura 2000 with an additional 7,022 hectares of non-nature reserve forests bearing the same classification. Hence, a total of 11,571 hectares or 19.3% enjoy some sort of legal protection. Tree farms created characteristically on areas with low groundwater levels and of low agricultural potential, along with natural forests partially exposed to flooding along the rivers Danube and Tisza are dispersed in a mozaic pattern. 46% of all tree stock is Scots and black pines, with 22% being acacias and 4% poplars, while the remainig 28% is claimed by indigenous species such as oaks and white poplars. Most of the harvested wood is of low quality, with 75% being non-processable, soft, mass-harvested poplar and pine of low market price. Domestic sales are further hindered by a shortage of processing capacities present in the country. Approximately a quarter of the harvest is sold as industrial wood.

Our traditional forestry management units (North-Kiskunság, Bugac, Császártöltés and South-Kiskunság) carry out forest renewals on an average area of 1,200 to 1,400 hectares and provide tree farming-related services on an additional 200 to 500 hectares to private individuals. Unfortunately, the recent years saw a drop in commissions of this kind primarily due to the overcomplicated and unreliable nature of the state subsidy system. The 15 to 20 million saplings produced annually cover the needs of not only our company but those of all tree farmers in the area as well. We produce 180 to 200 thousand net cubic meters of industrial wood and general firewood, along with 10 to 15 thousand net cubic meters of biomass to be used to generate energy. 85% of the latter comes from harvesting proper with the remaining being the result of pre-harvest utilization such as clearing, selective and stimulating thinning and medical measures. Our company sells 135 thousand cubic meters of own produce and conducts the marketing of a further 75 thousand cubic meters, supplying to stable and solvent buyers. 65 to 70% of all products are exported while the rest is processed in our own facilities (ÖKOPAL Pallet Plant, Bugac Wood Processing Plant) or sold domestically. Our game management activities are characterized by volume sales of hunting packages.

In addition to our traditional activities, we duly honor our responsibilities towards the public. We manage and maintain the exceptional 62-hectare Kecskemét Parkland hosting 14 educational trails, the 26-hectare Vackor Vár Forest School with its rich flora and fauna, the Great Plain Forestation Museum in Bugac, manage Tőserdő Mansion, Bucka Hotel and Conference Facility and a hunting mansion in Bugac. We also maintain several other parklands (Csalánosi, Nyíri, Császártöltési and Kelebia), all of which are of exceptional educational value and share the maintainance tasks of ”Millionth Hectare”, a quality memorial and recreation park in Kecskemét with the city hall.
Operating our famous Juniperus Garden we contribute to the creation and maintainance of green areas in the region and plant trees along motorways.

With a staff count of 339, our annual turnover was 4.4 billion HUF in 2009. Kiskunsági Erdőgép Kft., a subsidiary providing forest cultivation, wood transportion, vehicle-loading and other machine-intensive services employes a further 48 people. The two hundred plus businesses linked directly to our company provide employment to at least a thousand people.

In order to remain profitable, we keep adapting to the natural and economic environments and we continuously enhance and upgrade our pool of machinery and fleet of vehicles and introduce state-of-the-art technologies. We prioritize seed and sapling production, the technological and know-how backend provided by our unique Forest Reproductive Material Center (ESZTK).

Our goal is to strenghten our positions both domestically and on foreign markets. Continuously enhancing the level and quality of our services, we try and meet our clients' ever-increasing demands at all times. It is with this purpose that we have improved our operations to satisfy the regulations of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.

Our company takes pride in cooperating tightly and fruitfully with government agencies, local governments and partners. Observing all relevant regulations, we try and highten everyone's environment-awareness, reducing exploits to a minimum.

We honor professional partnerships and are active members of the National Forestry Association (OEE) and the Forests of the Great-Plain Association (AEE), contributing to their operations and helping their conferences on current issues and relevant research.

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