Tűzgyújtási tilalmak

Kecskeméti Arborétum

Csalánosi Géngyűjtemény

Our mission

Our main task is to professionally manage state-owned lands within our operational area in compliance with sustainable forest management requirements and the regulations and legislation of authorities.

Utmost attention is given to the conservation and ecological enhancement of the natural resources entrusted to our company, so that these forests can completely fulfil their economical, social and conservation functions.

Our company aims to fully satisfy social and human needs related to forest services, while taking into account prevailing owner’s interests and demands.

Our employees are important to us. It is our priority to provide an environment in which their physical and mental well-being is respected, as well as providing opportunities for profession growth and achievement through promotion and training.

Professional and human assets dominate our future. The company’s long term vision is to help ensure sustainable development

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