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Quality management

KEFAG Forestry and Wood Production Private Company manages 59 132ha of forest area in Bács-Kiskun county. Its main activities are forest and game management and wood pallet production. KEFAG Zrt aims to conserve the ecological assets of the state forests, while continuously maintaining and enhancing stability and social services, and striving for the maximum possible production yield through its activities.


Main objectives of KEFAG Zrt:
• sustainable forest and game management, providing forest benefits for all stakeholders of the economy and society;

• maintaining and enhancing the value of state forests and game resources entrusted to the company, according to the demands and technical requirements of the society and the owners;

• complying with environmental legislation, authority regulations and other stakeholder requirements;

• maintaining and improving management efficiency by providing favourable conditions for our employees’ well-being and professional development;

• raising environmental awareness of the society and supporting public recreation by operating park forests, an arboretum and a forest school.


Our fundamental interest is in fully satisfying customers with our products and services and providing no room for complaints.


In order to carry out our activities professionally, a quality management system, following the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard has been introduced, operated and continuously improved. Top level management of the company undertakes to provide the necessary resources for fulfilling the requirements of the standard.



The regulation and control of management, fundamental and supporting processes is carried out in order to minimize the costs by recognizing and identifying non-compliance of regulations and demands in due time.

The recurrence of recognized failures is prevented by introducing effective correction and prevention measures.

The development of our quality management system is based on data gathered and processed from our basic activities.

Our quality goals concerning forests, game, hunting and pallet production are determined annually and, if necessary, modified accordingly. All employees are informed of and have access to the quality goals.

All managers and other colleagues are expected to be knowledgeable about the goals determined by the company’s quality policy and contribute to the implementation of these goals through their own work.


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