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Kecskeméti Arborétum

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The 62-hectare Kecskemét Arboretum is situated in the north-western part of Kecskemét. Its main functions are education, research, recreation and nature conservation. Besides offering a perfect place for recreation and excursions, the arboretum welcomes site stability and meteorological researchers, bird watchers and students and educators taking part in other educational activities. Due to its north-western location, the arboretum protects the city of Kecskemét from the prevailing northwest wind, as well as having a beneficial effect on the local air quality.

Almost 60 thousand people, from all parts of Hungary, visit the botanical garden of the arboretum each year. It is a popular excursion site for small children, students and professionals too. The arboretum offers guided tours and botany courses, as well as self-training along study trails that describe the flora, fauna, climatic and soil conditions. The arboretum is an educational venue for the “Vackor Vár” Forest School.

The arboretum has three main parts: the forested protection zone, the oakcollection and the botanical garden.

All 900 types of trees and shrubs along the 14 trails of the main 25-ha area of the collection have been planted taking into account morphological characteristics, taxonomic classification, species needs and the country of origin. You can visit the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific North-American, East Asian, Balkan and Pannonian trails, or the so-called “colourful leaves’ trail”, the “evergreens’ trail”, the “boulevard of flowering trees and shrubs”, the “trail of pines, cypress and junipers”, the “trail of saline-tolerant and hydrophilous plants” and the “trail of drought tolerant plants”. Information boards along all trails help visitors learn more about trees and shrubs.

The botanical garden is surrounded by a forested protection zone, which has a beneficial effect on the microclimate and also shows the Great Plain’s main forest types. The main tree species are common oak, white poplar, ashes, elms and maples.

The youngest part of the botanical garden is the oak collection, which presents Hungarian and some foreign, drought-tolerant oak species on 16 hectares of land.

The two-hectare area of church land is an integral part of the arboretum, where the centuries-old Mary Chapel and the nearby Calvary, the Cave of Lourdes, an open-air altar, a rock-garden and the Promenade of the Hungarian Saints’ statues can be found.

The Kecskemét Arboretum participates in various technical studies within the Association of Hungarian Arboreta and Botanical Gardens. During the establishment and enrichment of the botanical garden, the aim was to meet visitors’ needs with investments like the wooden tower, the shelter huts, the pergola, the tables and benches, the sports area and the wooden playground along the trails and on the chapel-hill.



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