Tűzgyújtási tilalmak

Kecskeméti Arborétum

Csalánosi Géngyűjtemény

Tourism and recreation

In addition to high-level forest management, KEFAG Zrt pays special attention to social needs. Thus, we promote nature conservation and activities to raise public awareness and inspire nature-conscious education.

Our company participated in the establishment of the nationally-recognized, 62-hectare arboretum in Kecskemét, which is still under our management.

Our company manages the Nyíri Park Forest near Kecskemét, the Csalános Park Forest, the Municipal Park Forest in Császártöltés and the Kelebia Park Forest. Moreover, we participate in managing the “One millionth hectare” Park Forest in Kecskemét, which is a deserved tribute and recreational area for the city of Kecskemét.

Visitors can learn more about the history of afforestation on sand soils at the Great Plain’s Afforestation Museum in Bugac. The nearby Education Cabinet is a perfect venue for conferences and other meetings.

The well-equipped guest houses (Bucka Guest House, Tőserdő Castle) and hunting lodges (in Bugac and Kelebia) provide perfect recreation opportunities for hunters and other visitors.

Our programmes aim to strengthen the relationship between people and nature by finding the common goals that can be most effectively achieved by collaboration.

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