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Kecskeméti Arborétum

Csalánosi Géngyűjtemény

Park forests

Juniperus Park Forestry Managament Unit - Csalános Park Forest
Forstwirtschaft Nord-Kiskunság - Nyíri Park Forest
Császártöltés Forestry Management Unit - Császártöltés Park Forest
Dél-Kiskunsági Erdészet - Sáskalapos Park Forest

Csalános Park Forest

The 68-hectare park, within the Csalános forest, is situated on the boundary of Kecskemét. Nature lovers are fond of this recreational and excursion area as it is equipped with benches, tables and shelter huts, suitable for picnics. The park forest hosts several big events, including the “Csiperó” International Children and Youth Meeting.

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Nyíri Park Forest

The park forest near Kecskemét-Hetényegyháza is a beloved recreational and excursion spot for people living in and around Kecskemét. It is also a worthy venue for the official celebrations of 15 March and 6 October. One of the most beautiful sand-steppe hazel-oak forests of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve is found in this 1200-hectare forest. It is worth visiting the Monument of the Martyrs of Arad, the Saint Hubertus Chapel and the Museum of the Hungarian Revolution (1848-49), which has been established by the initiative and hard work of forester, László Szulyovszky. The „Vackor Vár” Forest School, situated on 26 hectares of the park forest, provides educational programmes.

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Sáskalapos Park Forest

The forests in the centre of the South-Kiskunság Forestry Management Unit and around the hunting lodge are managed as park forests. Our aim is to deepen the relationship between local people and forests and to improve their knowledge of nature. Therefore, we organize numerous events related to environmental education for nursery-school and primary school children. Lots of Hungarian and foreign guests visit the hunting lodge in the park forest.

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Császártöltés Park Forest

The beautiful and calm atmosphere of the 3.6-hectare park forest, with benches, tables, picnic sites and playgrounds, welcomes our visitors. Local people, as well as kindergarten and school groups from the whole region visit and use the services of the park forest.

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