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ÖKOPAL Pallet Factory

The wood processing plant at Jánoshalma became part of KEFAG Zrt’s predecessor company in 1970. It was part of the Jánosháza Forestry Management Unit, it then functioned as a forestry-level company. This was followed by several years of individual subsidiary status, and since 2006, it has operated as an individual forestry unit of the parent company.

In the late 1970s, significant saw mill facilities were developed at Jánoshalma as part of a state-supported development. This included the operation of M.E.M. band saws, which are still in use today. In addition to the production of agricultural wooden crates and their parts, large quantities of vine poles, pallets and components are produced.
ÖKOPAL Pallet Factory operates with almost 130 employees on a 13-ha closed site, with a railway siding and 21 routinely updated buildings, totalling 7849 m2.

The main activity of the plant is pallet production. 45-50% of the raw material is derived from forests managed by our company, 15% comes from other state-owned forests and the rest is bought from private forests. 65-70 000m3 of raw material is processed annually. Logs are square-cut using band-saws, then pallet components are sawn by serial cutters. Nailing is done on two automatic machine lines. In the case of small, special orders, manual nailing is also possible.


ÖKOPAL Pallet Factory is the biggest pallet producer in Hungary producing more than 800 000 pallets annually. Most of the required boards and stump planks are produced on site and 10% are bought from other suppliers. Production of industrial and EUR pallets varies significantly from year to year, according to market demands. Conversion ratio of processing is approximately 51-52%. 74% of processed wood forms first class products (mainly EUR pallets and some industrial pallets), the rest are second and third class products, partly used for industrial pallet production or sold. The non-commercial residue is used as fuel during the drying and heating process.

Applied basic machinery

Our factory has an up-to-date fleet of machinery: M.E.M. twin band saw, M.E.M. vertical log band saw, COSTA Ghepardo serial circular saw, COSTA Jaguar serial circular saw, VECOPLAN chipper, CORALI chain-pattern nailing machine line, CORALI alternating nailing machine line, MÜHLBÖCK kiln driers of 140m3 gross volume, NARDI dust collecting system, and an 840kW POLYTECHNIK automatic furnace. Within the production line, the two sawmilling machine lines and the two nailing machine lines are the most significant.

The mean age of the production lines is 20 years. Environmental considerations have determined recent developments. Since 2001, total investments in the factory have exceeded 220 million HUF. KEFAG Zrt intends to expend significant financial resources on future developments of the plant.


Produced pallets are sold unprocessed, heat-treated or dried, mainly to foreign (Slovenian and Italian) partners, but Hungarian customers are numerous as well.

Sawdust, usable for brick production and energetic purposes, chips and other residue are sold within Hungary. The company’s future developments are mainly determined by the decreasing supply of raw materials and the optimisation of production capacities and technologies.

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