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Wood industry

KEFAG Zrt annually processes 100 thousand m3 of raw material for lumber with a conversion ratio of 52% (1.3 million pieces of pallet) and 48% usable residue (chip, sawdust, other residue). During production, great emphasis is put on environment protection.

KEFAG Zrt was the first company to produce EUR (UIC 435-2) pallets in Hungary. On average, 900 thousand certified pallets are produced in our factories at Jánoshalma and Bugac, annually. Furthermore, 400 thousand non-series, so-called industrial pallets are produced in various sizes and forms.

Our products are mainly produced from poplar and conifer wood, grown in forests managed by KEFAG Zrt. Our company also purchases round wood and serial-cut pallet elements.

Artificial drying and required heat-treatment of the end-products are carried out at both the Bugac Pallet Factory and the ÖKOPAL Pallet Factory at Jánosháza. Products are stored in covered sheds (total area of 3 000m2 at the two plants), where more than 50 thousand pallets can be stored under weatherproof conditions.

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