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Bugaci Pallet Factory

The Bugac Pallet Factory, with 60 employees, processes 28000 m3 of wood annually, 85% of which derives from state-owned forests managed by KEFAG Zrt and 15% from purchase. The factory accepts short saw logs of 1.25 to 1.70m in length and a diameter of 14-40cm.

Components for pallets are produced from logs with a conversion ratio of 50-51%. Only the first and second class components – 10000 m3 – go for further processing, which are supplemented by 2000 m3 of purchased pallet components. Annually, some 260 000 EUR pallets are produced with mechanical nailing. The production of other industrial pallets is planned for the future.

Pallets are sold untreated, heat-treated or as dried products. The non-marketable miscallenous wood is used as fuel for the drying and heating processes.

The following base machines are used in the factory: M.E.M. twin band saw, Tos Svitary PWR 402 serial cutter, MÖHLBÜCK kiln dryer, POLYTECHNIK furnace, DISA CATTINAIR dust collecting system, STORTI automatic nailer machine line. Most of our customers are Slovenian and Italian pallet dealers, with some domestic users. Second and third class pallet components, not used in further processing, are sold within Hungary to small pallet producers and private individuals, while sawdust is sold for brick and energy production purposes and wood-fibre is sold for private individuals, the chipper is sold for energy purposes.

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